David is an undergraduate student in Information Sciences and Graphic Design. He specializes in the combination of art and technology, with a focused interest in the Game industry — designing experiences and actual production. He is currently conducting research in Python coding with an emphasis on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine optimization and industrial product design for the public scooter system that will be deployed in the future.

He also has internship experience in branding, website design and production, and data cleaning and analyzing. David is also passionate about playing video games (especially with friends), watching movies and reading Chinese literature, and traveling. When he is not working, you can often find him playing sports (and esports), practicing cooking, hanging out with friends, or just traveling and interacting with nature.

我是朱钧霆,一名在伊利诺伊大学香槟分校就读的大二学生,目前专业是平面设计(major)和信息学 副专业(minor)。目前兴趣主要在交互设计(IxD)和体验设计(UX),在学习之外我还感兴趣游戏,VR 和中国传统文化。

在学习和工作之余,我的兴趣主要在游戏、艺术和计算机方面。平时比较喜欢和朋友一起玩电脑和手机上的游戏,个人偏好 mmorpg 类型的游戏(目前主要在玩 FF14),同时也会随手画画东西,摸摸鱼,有关计算机的话我比较喜欢钻研代码和一些功能实现的原理。这些之外,我也是一个古风爱好者和小半个二次元爱好者。我希望自己未来可以往设计 + 计算机的方向努力,目前比较感兴趣交互和体验设计。