First Try of PBR Shader and Effects

This is a sample unity PBR shader with the demo of rim color and dissolve effects.

Standard PBR shader

This standard shader uses Unity URP to group into the standard PBR shader with main texture, normal map, metallic map, emission, and ambient occlusion.

Rim Effects

The rim effect is accomplished by the fresnel node: the part close to the edge of the model would return a value of 1 as the inside would return the value of 0, the power controls how much the transition takes place so we can use that as the controller of the intensity of the rim color.

Dissolve Effects

The dissolve effects is achieved by applying an alpha mask and control the clipping value by the alpha test – places lower than the alpha test would not be rendered. the dissolved edge color is achieved by applying an intensified noise map (e.g. noise adds a constant) and adding that to the emissive color. therefore we can handle the fresnel and the dissolve emissive color separately.


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